June 21, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

Does PCT accept health insurance?

Yes, PCT does accept most forms of health insurance. However, there are a few insurance plans that are not accepted at our clinic. Our billing staff will make every attempt to verify your insurance benefits. We also encourage you to check with your insurance company to verify what services are covered. It is important to know that not all staff members are affiliated with each and every insurance network. Therefore, we will make every attempt to find a doctor or therapist who accepts your insurance.

Does PCT offer evening or weekend appointments?

Some of our doctors and therapists offer limited evening and Saturday appointments. However, most of our appointments are typically scheduled during regular business hours.

Does PCT offer telehealth services?

Yes, we do offer telehealth, but please note that with the formal ending of the pandemic, some insurance companies are no longer covering telehealth. Please call your specific insurance provider to find out.

What happens during my first appointment?

The first time you come to our clinic, a therapist or doctor will conduct an initial assessment that could last between 45-60 minutes. Your therapist or doctor will be interested in learning more about your presenting concerns. In addition, your therapist or doctor will attempt to gather more background information and might ask more about various aspects of your life and daily functioning. After the initial assessment, your therapist or doctor will make a recommendation about treatment options and how best we can help you at PCT.

Will my privacy be protected?

All of the information you share with your therapist or doctor is considered confidential. No staff member is allowed to release any information to any outside party unless they obtain your written consent or unless there is concern about self-harm, harm to others, or concern about current abuse or neglect to a minor. Information may also be released if a judge were to issue a court order that requires us to provide information to the court. Please be aware that our billing staff may be required to share some information with your insurance company for the purpose of coordinating payment. In addition, staff members may share some information amongst themselves for the purposes of professional consultation or to coordinate care. We also encourage clients to give us consent to share information with their primary care physician or other relevant health care providers.

Will PCT staff complete evaluations for disability benefits?

No, clinic policy dictates that our therapists will not complete W-2 evaluations for the purpose of obtaining disability benefits. Staff psychiatrists may or may not choose to complete W-2 evaluations at their own discretion.

Can I choose which therapist or doctor I can work with?

If there is a specific therapist or doctor you are interested in working with, please notify us when you set up your initial appointment. Please be aware that not all staff members are accepting new clients and that not all of our staff members are affiliated with each and every insurance network. Therefore, at times we may be unable to accommodate your requests. If you are unable to schedule an appointment with a specific staff member, we will attempt to recommend another doctor or therapist who may be good to work with.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

PCT does offer clients a self-pay option for those who do not have insurance coverage or for those who choose not to pay through their insurance plan. Each staff member will individually work with you to determine an appropriate charge for service. Please be aware that payment is due at time of service.

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