February 27, 2019

Trauma Program

Psychiatric Consultants & Therapists, SC trauma recovery program provides a unique healing experience, supporting education and processing of the many challenges survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence face on their journey. Our goal is providing the tools for survivors to empower themselves to live their best life. Education and understanding is obtained through groups and workshops that focus on trauma and what it looks like, living with trauma, and ultimately what the healing process can be for each survivor.

Topics include:

  • Coping/grounding skills
  • Values, Beliefs and Boundaries
  • Parenting a survivor
  • Surviving as a parent
  • Sexual healing post assault
  • Neurobiology of Trauma
  • Navigating the Justice System

Groups can be a powerful way to enhance your trauma recovery. Our experiences therapists specialize in trauma and provide healing options through group and individual therapy session formats. Our trauma therapists use a variety of methods to support healing, including individual EMDR therapy sessions for trauma reprocessing, as well as self-acceptance, coping and grounding skills that can be explored in individual and group therapy sessions. In addition, we have trained therapists in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

PCT also has a nurse practitioner that specializes in trauma if medication is indicated. This offers our patients an integrated model and excellent coordination of care between therapist and prescriber.

Many different insurance plans are accepted along with reasonable self-pay options if insurance will not cover.

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