Women’s History Month

It’s Women’s History Month! Women of all racial and ethnic groups contributed to the growth of our country in incredibly significant ways equal to the contributions of men, yet their work was often unseen or considered less important. And what is a world without the compassion and intelligence of women? We are both student and teacher, nurturer and provider, creator and innovator. We lead, we grind, we achieve, every single day. Check out this article from the Wisconsin Historical Society with just a few historical examples of the achievements of women in our state. 10 Wisconsin Women Overlooked by History | Wisconsin Historical Society (wisconsinhistory.org)

For parents, family, and teachers, check out A Mighty Girl for a collection of empowering books and other media to share with the young girls in your life!

Thank you to all the women in our lives! We wouldn’t be here without you! (Literally!) And a big shout out to trans women who are often not recognized for the countless ways they contribute to the advancement of all women.

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